New challenge days 1-9: the bathroom

Posted: November 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

My throwing away/sending items to a new home challenge started in my bathroom.  Clearing out my bathroom and all within – such as my decaying make up bag – has been on my permanent ‘things to do when I have done everything else’ list for quite some time.  Naturally as I never actually get to the end of the regular things to do lists I write with regularity (there is one winking at my on my desk as I type this) my bathroom was becoming full of ever increasingly tottering towers of the detritus of life.  I had thought it would ‘last’ the distance, and all of my days of discarding detritus could be spent happily sorting through lotions and potions in the smallest room in the house.  Sadly I am now on day 9 and my bathroom is now a well ordered, streamlined, tidy place with bits and pieces neatly ordered on shelves and in baskets.  It’s great, but it does mean I will now need to attack the ever scarier recesses of the flat such as my kitchen cupboards or the ‘cupboard of doom’.  On reflection, 30 days of discarding in this fashion does result in needing to find 465 items – even my bathroom wasn’t that riddled with junk!

Days 1-9

IMG_2254 IMG_2255 IMG_2256



IMG_2260 IMG_2261


There are a lot of sunscreen type products which aren’t repeats, but were dried up and crusty and largely a legacy of living in the tropics (which given that I have actually now been home for over 2 years is just plain gross!)

Next stop the kitchen cleaning products cupboard.



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